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Was accountable for the PnL and led the teams that grew a business from under $10M to over $125M. 

Led the carve-out of a business unit, forming the backbone of a new company comprised of corporate entities and individuals, which led to the signing of a major licensing agreement

Led the team that turned around a designer fashion business, which had been on a multi-year decline, achieving a 163% sales increase, and doubling the inventory turn in one year.


Led the team that turned around a consistently stagnant better fashion business, achieved a 195% increase in one year, with continued growth for years to come.

Achieved a 360% increase in a mature sales territory with

products that many considered were not really suitable

for the marketplace and climate conditions.

Started a new business and achieved a level of revenue 

10x over my original plan in the first year.


Led the effort in the state of Minnesota to start a movement that focused on securing third-party representation in public office. These efforts led to the election of a registered third-party Governor, which has only happened five times over the past four decades.

Re-strategized and then led the team that resurrected a business unit from the grave and grew it to $10 million in less than three years.

Secured the master rights to a top 10 global brand, without having any prior connections to the parent company that owned the global trademarks.


Increased an account that represented 30% of the business, 589% in two years.


Increased sales in 10 of the company’s largest accounts between 60% and 119%, while substantially improving their GMROI.


Tasked with re-positioning a brand by breathing new life into a division that was stagnant for several years carrying excessive stale inventory and with a declining backlog, increased sales 85% in one year while maintaining profit margins.


Achieved $300k in sales for a start-up year one with no formal advertising.

Through public relations, intense lobbying, and traveling across the country to speak at trade shows, conventions, and participate in panels and on committees, was able to alter the discourse about two different important topics that affected many lives.

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Initiated the first licensing categories for the company, helped to develop the business strategy and led the execution in several meaningful areas, which led to the repositioning of the brand and business. Created the initial concept for the diffusion brand Reaction, the Sport concept, re-launched Unlisted in men's, launched Tribecca, devised the GTM strategies and then led their implementation. 


Negotiated and secured the master license on behalf of a company in Mexico, and then worked to reposition the brand.


Worked to reposition the brand to capture more market share, and then led the sales effort. Won awards.


Worked with the BOD and CEO on repositioning the brand to capture more market share, and to prep

the company for its eventual sale to a much larger publicly-traded company.

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Reintroducing the iconic fashion brand.


Opened a new region as a buyer. Developed private-label products

to fill a void. Won numerous awards.


Did the due diligence on the BBC master license for travel products

and devised the launch strategy.


Created Performance Plus, and co-created experiential training program for store personnel and merchants.

Won numerous awards.



Opened many new accounts in two different territories. Won awards.


Licensed IP from patent owners, then bought their company, then spun off the business unit as a new company with different partners. Wrote and negotiated all of the legal contracts, including the IP license to a third party.

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Haute Bohemian Properties LLC - Property and Construction business 

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