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"As a general contractor, I had the privilege of collaborating with Victoria on a large upscale whole home renovation and remodel. Victoria never ceased to amaze me with her knowledge of how a house should be put together, and by possessing a good understanding of basic mechanicals and structural systems, it was easy for tradesmen to work with her. Also the positive can-do energy she brings also makes the “job” fun. Victoria really shines in her ability to visualize, design and express that vision to the tradespeople.  If Victoria says it will look great and be functional at the same time it will. More than once I have built Victoria’s ideas and have stepped back and simply said “cool” or thought “I want something like that in my home.” While doing all this she always keeps an eye on the budget and several times when needed she could take an inexpensive item and make it look top shelf in a “something out of nothing” sort of way. I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

Joseph Kiel

Owner, Kiel Brothers Ventures Inc.

"Victoria is an artist and was able to take an older home and give it an updated appeal before we put it on the market. She did some very nice things inside and out. Her decorating style and general staging stood out to the new buyers. She was pleasant to work with and did some final touch up items upon request that helped make the sale successful. We appreciate her help and cooperation. It truly made the sale process go smoothly."

Beverly O., Realtor

Nancy T., Homeowner

"It's always a pleasure to present properties Victoria has designed. None of her work is cookie-cutter common. Victoria does an incredibly meticulous job of blending modern designs with original architecture...I like to call it Victoria's modern twist on classic vintage looks. Her work is beautifully unique and even better, the properties always lease quickly."

Steve Green

Realtor, Baird and Warner, Chicago

"We were going to invest a lot of money in a standard modern style renovation project for a heritage 3-flat rental. After analyzing the data, Victoria suggested a much more modest remodel, with a bit of uniqueness that would set each unit apart from the competition. Her suggestions on kitchen and bath layouts, cabinets, and fixtures, ending up costing a fraction of what was in the original budget. Her lighting choices and construction solutions added a tremendous 'wow' factor at a minimal cost. She then completely furnished and decorated the rental units on a tight budget. I've received rave reviews on the place."

Forrest B.

Investment property owner

“We met Victoria when we were looking for help in staging our house for sale.  Victoria came in and quickly provided us with outstanding, practical suggestions that both made our space more beautiful and current.  And she did so utilizing many objects and artworks we already had.  The new items she recommended were both well-thought-out and provided great impact.  The resulting changes made for a unified space that was both pleasing to the eye and allowed prospective buyers to imagine the space as their own.  Our property sold within a few weeks of hitting the market and it was in no small part to the caring attention that Victoria gave to our space.  We could not recommend her more highly!”

James G.


"When we were remodeling our home, Victoria helped us with some design challenges and awkward spaces. What she created are perfect environments and look great."

Julie B.


My Story

     Rehabbing started as a hobby after I purchased my first home when I was 24 years old. My husband was against remodeling it because he didn't want to be part of a do-it-yourself project of that magnitude. So, my Mom flew out to help me get started. She taught me to tear out a wall oven, cabinets, sheetrock and 2x4's. Once I got over that fear of demolishing my kitchen, I forced myself to learn how to rebuild a new one. After four years of woodshop in high school, and watching my machinist father deal with electrical wiring, plumbing, and many different engineering projects, I knew my vision was feasible. I also knew that my Mom, nicknamed MacGyver, could figure out how to solve any construction problem I may encounter with her ingenuity and aplomb. After way too much consternation on behalf of my husband, our project was nearly complete before Mom left town. All we had left to do was purchase a piece of granite for the top of the new kitchen island. That's where I learned you don't have to pay full retail for anything. I found a supplier who had a leftover piece of granite that no one wanted because it had a large visible vein running through it.


     Even back then, I had a deep appreciation for things and people others may view as "flawed". I see the beauty in uniqueness and scars acquired through struggle. That piece of granite was a symbol of that belief, so I proudly installed it in my kitchen at 95% less cost than the going rate.

     Since then I have remodeled quite a few of my own homes/buildings and have been sought after to consult on many others. I enjoy coming up with solutions that will have the biggest payback in terms of use and net profit. I've worked with many owners to enhance their properties. I've helped realtors and building managers make minor adjustments to their properties in order to get the best bang for the buck. It's not work, it's fun to me.

      I am now a licensed General Contractor in the City of Chicago, and have remodeled many properties. I enjoy the entire process from design and planning, on to construction, then to staging. I'm usually pretty good at finding solutions to complex construction issues we often face when dealing with century old properties, which are in abundance in Chicago.

My experience in the fashion industry has helped me become a good contractor. A former CFO of Northwest, and CEO of a company I worked with a few years ago, once told my colleague in my presence, "It's harder and takes longer to make a pair of shoes than an airplane." Well, while that may have been an exaggeration to prove a point, it is true that constructing a shoe is quite a challenge and every minute detail and measurement matters. The same goes for construction. It's that attention to detail that drives perfection, and that is what I hope to deliver each and every time I make a shoe or construct a building.

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